There was never a dull moment in the world of employee benefits this year. Here’s a look back at key happenings via our most popular Word on Benefits blog posts of 2015. Below are the top six topics to remind you of the trials, challenges, twists and turns of 2015.

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As anticipated, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) stole the show in 2015. Compliance details unfolded and reporting deadlines drew near . . . and deadlines changed. Inquiring minds wanted to know more about the details of all things ACA. 

1. ACA Compliance—We’ve been waiting for clarification on many components of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 2015 brought more direction on several issues.

12-14_how-big-is-aca-individual-penalty_small 11-12_Mental Health Parity_Small 10-29_hipaa-certification-final-rules-late-to-the-party_small10-13_aca-proposed-rules-address-gender-identity-discrimination_small

11-5_Do-You-Have-Covered-Employees-Collecting-ACA-Subsidy_small 9-17_spd-meet-aca-update-eligibility-provisions_small  6-4_know-about-eeoc-wellness-rule_small

2. ACA ReportingEmployers began to prepare for ACA reporting. Many questions surfaced. Word on Benefits answered. (Don’t worry if you still have reporting questions—Watch the January 7 webcast: Final Preparation for Filing the 1094/1095.)

9-21_5-ways-to-cope-1094-1095_small 8-13_penalties-doubled-faulty-aca-reporting_small7-30_checklist-file-aca-app-tcc_small6-20_four-steps-required-prior-to-e-filing_small
8-5_prepare-for-aca-reporting-now_small10-6_aca-reporting-whos-filing-what-forms-how_small8-18_retirees-receiving-health-coverage_small3-26_aca-employer-reporting_small (3)

3. ACA Cadillac Tax—As 2018 continued to grow near, concerns over the impending excise tax on high-value health plans intensified. The year came to a close with a gift to employers—a two-year delay of the Cadillac tax.

12-18_congress-kicks-the-can-employers-cadillac-tax-reprieve_small (1) 9-30_aca-cadillac-tax-insomniacs-unite_small8-28_hints-implementation-cadillac-tax_small8-11_6-things-about-aca-cadillac-tax_small
The final week of June, 2015 was one that most benefits pros will never forget. All eyes were on the Supreme Court as we awaited two major decisions that would impact employee benefits.

4. King v. BurwellOn June 25, 2015 the Supreme Court upheld ACA subsidies, ruling in favor of Burwell in King v Burwell.

6-18_king-v-burwell-explained_small 6-24_seven-things-supreme-court-decision-aca_small (1)
5. Same-Sex MarriageOn June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that states cannot refuse to license same-sex marriages or refuse to recognize those performed in other states.

6-22_scotus-decision-same-sex-marriage-employers-plan-sponsors_small  7-9_domestic-partner-benefits-after-supreme-court-decision_small

Will 2016 bring as much excitement to our work days as 2015? Time will tell. Keep an eye on the Word on Benefits as the year unfolds.

Ann Godsell, CEBS
Social Business Strategist at the International Foundation



Social Business Strategist at the International Foundation

Favorite Foundation service/product: Face to face conferences.

Benefit topics that grab her: B​enefit communication, preventive health, health care cost management, workflex

Favorite Foundation conference moments: Meeting Dr. Andrew Weil at the Annual Employee Benefits Conference was a cherished opportunity. She also loves the times when she and a member recognize each other at a conference because of interacting on Twitter!

Personal Insight: Known around the office as “appropriately paranoid,” Ann is usually prepared for a variety of potential outcomes in most every situation.

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