Talking Benefits Podcast: Race, Gender and Social Impacts on Retirement
Talking Benefits Podcast: Race, Gender and Social Impacts on Retirement

If you are a regular Talking Benefits podcast listener, you know that retirement security is a topic near and dear to the hearts of those working at the International Foundation. In addition, the Foundation has dedicated significant resources to DEI initiatives: educating and guiding employers on their journey to building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. So for this episode, we dove into some recent research about race, gender and social impacts on retirement by our friends at the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

My fellow “podsquader”, Justin Held, had the opportunity to discuss some takeaways with Craig Copeland from the Employee Benefit Research Institute. As part of their recent work, they examined some discrepancies with gender and race in the areas of savings, retirement preparedness and expectations, and debt levels.

Listen in to find out why these discrepancies exist and what employers can do to support their employees on their journey to financial preparedness and retirement security.

Listen to: Race, Gender and Social Impacts on Retirement

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