The Next Big Thing: How Employers Can Prepare

In early April, the International Foundation hosted the webcast Innovation and the Future of Remote/Hybrid Work. We were lucky enough to bring in Alex Willis, chief executive officer at Leadership Surge LLC. He challenged us to change the way we think about remote and hybrid work. By understanding what drives and motivates ourselves and each other, we can create dynamic and effective work teams that are successful in whatever the future means for our organizations.

The Talking Benefits podcast team was SO EXCITED because Alex joined the International Foundation again for a full episode and we got to ask our burning questions about the future of work, returning to the office and how to prepare for and innovate in the changing environment.

Alex shared his unique perspective and insight on topics many employers are facing right now, including considerations for employees who are struggling with returning to the office, ideas for employers who are finding it challenging to get their employees excited about returning to the office, what employers need to do to prepare for the next “thing,” how employers in mature industries can become more innovative and how organizations can stay competitive in our current labor market.

This episode is definitely worth a listen!

Anne Patterson
Marketing Communications Manager

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