Post-Dobbs Employer Actions: New Survey Results

Over one in four employers is exploring the expansion of covered abortion services, according to a new report from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. The Post-Dobbs Employer Coverage: July 2022 Pulse Survey revealed current abortion coverage offerings and future considerations. When asked about making changes to current coverage for abortion services, employers responded with the following:

  • No changes to current coverage levels – 46%
  • Don’t know/wait and see – 26%
  • Exploring expansion of covered abortion services – 26%
  • Unable to make plan changes due to appliable legal requirements – 2%

Less than 1% said they are exploring a reduction in or elimination of covered abortion services.

From legal complexities to impact on worker recruitment/retention, many employers are grappling with concerns resulting from the Supreme Court Dobbs decision, including:

  • Legal ramifications – 35%
  • Managing worker expectations – 15%
  • Administrative complexity – 13%
  • Impact on worker recruitment/retention – 7%
  • Additional costs – 6%
  • Potential reputation/public relations issues – 5%
  • Coordinating multiple plans – 2%

Other cited concerns include employee health ramifications, future division amongst workers, mental health impacts, religious-based plans and confusion about whether to provide travel and lodging per IRS guidelines.

Regarding abortion services, employers reported currently covering:

  • Non-elective/medically necessary services – 73%
  • Elective/nonmedically necessary services – 60%
  • Medications – 52%
  • Telehealth – 32%
  • Travel to location where services are performed – 10%
  • Lodging near location where services are performed – 9%

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