Paid Leave to Coffee—Benefits You Should Consider Offering This Mother’s Day

What do iPads, lemon bars, bamboo wind chimes and homemade lip balm have in common? Well, according to Google, they’re some of the most popular gifts that moms across the U.S. can expect to receive this Mother’s Day.

Check out the list for yourself here . . . it’s fascinating (Garden animal statues? Sheepskin pillow??), but also telling. Mothers—while united in many ways—are as diverse as any other segment in the workplace, and employers that are looking to attract and retain the best talent will benefit from offering a wide range of mother-friendly employee benefits.

Paid Leave to Coffee—Benefits You Should Consider Offering This Mother’s Day

If you’re wondering about common mother-friendly employee benefits or how your organization compares…look no further. The International Foundation, Employee Benefits Survey 2016 has got you covered.

Jobs in BenefitsMother-Friendly Benefits Offered By Employers:

Paid Leave Benefits

  • Paid maternity leave—37%
  • Paid family/caregiving leave—16%
  • Paid leave to attend a child’s activities—9%
  • Unlimited vacation time—2%

Adoption Benefits

  • Unpaid adoption leave—22%
  • Paid leave for adoption—19%
  • Financial assistance for adoption—16%
  • Resource and referral services for adopted children—14%

Flexible Work Arrangements

  • Flexible workhours or compressed workweeks—47%
  • Telecommuniting/working from home—47%
  • Unpaid parental leave beyond FMLA requirements—36%
  • Unpaid leave to attend at child’s activities—21%
  • Emergency/sick child care—10%
  • Job sharing—9%

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Child Care Assistance Benefits

  • Dependent care flexible spending accounts–69%
  • Resource and referral services for child care–22%
  • On-site or near-site child care–8%
  • Child-care subsidies–3%
  • Special needs child care–1%
  • Babies at work–1%
  • Breast milk shipping for new mothers who travel–1%

Not Just for Mothers (but Perhaps Enjoyed Most by Moms) Benefits

  • Coffee services–62%
  • On-site and/or takeout meals–17%
  • Dry cleaning/laundry services–12%
  • Concierge services–5%
  • Nap rooms–5%

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Brenda Hofmann
Senior Communications Associate at the International Foundation