As the dust of the pandemic settles, over half of employers will maintain remote work options as 2023 approaches, according to a new report from the International Foundation. The Employee Benefits Survey results show the popularity of flexible work arrangements and decline of at-work perks, further solidifying the shift in workplaces we’ve all been observing since the start of the pandemic.

According to the report,

  • 74% of employers offer hybrid work arrangements
  • 57% offer flexible work hours
  • 55% offer remote work arrangements (100% from home)
  • 20% offer flexible work schedules for religious observances
  • 19% offer compressed workweeks (full 40-hour weeks, condensed into four days)
  • 17% offer summer hours.

With fewer employees in the office, at-work perks like coffee service, casual dress codes and nap rooms are declining in popularity.

  • Coffee service—Down to 54% from 64% in 2020
  • Take Your Child to Work Day—Down to 11% from 20%
  • Flu shot programs—Down to 63% from 72%
  • Health risk assessments/screenings—Down to 48% from 55%
  • Walking/exercise programs—Down to 27% from 34%
  • Weight management programs—Down to 32% from 37%
  • Service award programs—Down to 51% from 60%

Benefits on the rise include identity theft insurance (34%), estate planning services (17%) and paid leave to vote (38%) as well as more family-friendly offerings like paid adoption leave (34%), paid leave related to a miscarriage (15%) and paid maternity leave (above and beyond legal requirements) (43%). Sneaker fans unite—Casual dress codes jumped to 45%, up from 31% in 2020.

More emerging benefit offerings include:

  • Reimbursement for subscription workout apps (e.g., Peloton, Glo, Apple Fitness+)—13%
  • Reimbursement for subscription mental health apps (e.g., Calm, Talkspace)—7%
  • Vaccination programs—18%
  • Lifestyle spending accounts—3%
  • Travel/vacation stipends—1%.

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Anne Patterson
Associate Director of PR & Communications

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