Benefits Madness: Final Four

Which of your favorite innovative employee benefit offerings made it to the final four? Continue voting and following along to find out!

“Standing, treadmill or stationary bike desks” made it this far but had no chance against “Remote work/telecommuting.” “Flexible work hours/compressed workweeks” also prevailed over “Employer-funded emergency savings accounts” in the last round.

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[Benefits Madness: Week 2]

[Benefits Madness: Week 3]
[Benefits Madness: Elite Eight]

Which two teams do you think should make it to the championship game?

Game 1

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Game 2

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Benefits are in the spotlight now more than ever, as organizations look to attract, retain, and develop their talent. As you’re voting, you may just pick up a few ideas that have not been on your radar—These could make a big difference within your organization.

Keep checking the Word on Benefits blog to find out which favorite innovative benefit picks make it to the championship game!

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  1. VictorMalcaLaw

    I always vote for Flexible work and Remote work. Thanks for sharing.

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