Retirees Receiving Health Coverage: Must We Report Them?

During Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting season, some employers wonder whether reporting on 1095-C forms is required for retirees receiving employer-provided health coverage.


Internal Revenue Code Section 6055 requires every provider of minimum essential coverage to report coverage information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and to furnish a statement to individuals receiving coverage. This includes all retirees receiving coverage. The information is used by the IRS to administer, and by individuals to show compliance with, the ACA individual shared responsibility provision. The coverage information is usually reported on Form 1095-C, Section III.

The IRS instructions provide specific details on reporting coverage for retirees that worked at least one month during the past year on page 11, and for retirees that have not worked in the past year on page 13. Retirees that did not work in the past year are categorized as non-employees.


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act enacted in 2017 keeps the individual mandate in place for 2017 and 2018 before reducing the individual penalty dollar amount to zero in 2019.


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The Tax Bill And The Individual Mandate: What Happened, And What Does It Mean? Health Affairs

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Lois Gleason, CEBS
Manager, Reference/Research Services at the International Foundation

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  1. Brian Mosdale

    Does my wife need to file 1095 health insurance coverage if she hasn’t worked in years and on SSI?

  2. Dinah L Byerley

    how do i get my 1095c for tax purposes to show i had health benefits in 2020 after i retired in 2019.

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