Psychological Considerations for Returning to the Workplace

My fellow Talking Benefits podcasters and I recently got together for another COVID-19–related episode to discuss an evolving topic—psychological considerations for returning to the workplace.

Psychological Considerations for Returning to the Workplace

As some employees are getting called back to the workplace, employers need to consider new stressors that workers have been experiencing (health and safety fears, changes in work-life demands, etc.). The team tackled strategies and solutions for dealing with this impact.

By tuning in, you’ll learn ways to create a psychologically safe workplace for employees. These approaches include destigmatizing mental health, improving benefits communication, encouraging leaders to promote self-care and finding ways for employees to connect—to name a few.

I know that workplaces across the country have all been dealing with different challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic—I hope this episode will equip you with a few ideas for how to support your employees during this transitional time.

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