The past two years have altered the workforce like never before. From the increase in remote work to the “Great Resignation,” you and your organization’s benefit plans have been shining in the spotlight.  

It’s National Employee Benefits Day! The International Foundation is recognizing and appreciating all the work you’ve been doing to help support your organization through these new shifts and demands. Look below for ideas on how to prepare for the future of work, with benefits taking center stage.

Now is the time to reinvent, refresh, rethink and reimagine your benefit offerings for whatever comes next.

Free webcast TODAY: Innovation and the Future of Remote/Hybrid Work

Changing the way we think about remote and hybrid work is the key to success in the work world of the future. This high-energy session with Alexander J. Willis of Leadership Surge will equip leaders and team members with the essential skill set and mindset to create dynamic and effective work teams that achieve more. The webcast is from 4-5:30 p.m. ET and you can register here.

BERDLE (WORDLE, but make it employee benefits)

Have you jumped on the “WORDLE” bandwagon yet? If not, it’s a fun challenge of solving a mystery five-letter word in six tries or less. In honor of National Employee Benefits Day, we’ve developed “BERDLE,” featuring five different benefits-related words. A new link will be shared each day this week on our social media channels with a new word puzzle to solve! Start the BERDLE challenge.

101 Benefits You Might Not Be Thinking Of

From mental health first aid training to back-up caregiver leave, refresh your benefits by browsing through 101 ideas you might not have thought of already. Download Poster.

Future of Work Tool Kit

The pandemic has dramatically changed the way we live and work. While these changes bring greater flexibility and opportunity, they also come with challenges. The Future of Work tool kit provides resources to overcome issues that often accompany our changing workplaces. Explore Tool kit.

Anne Patterson
Marketing Communications Manager

The latest from Word on Benefits:

Anne Patterson

 Marketing Communications Specialist

Favorite Foundation Product: Benefits Magazine. Bella’s a classic, physical book-in-hand kind of person, so the Foundation’s magazine keeps her up-to-date on all things benefits!


Benefits-related Topics That Interest Her Most: Communication, Diversity and Inclusion, Workplace Wellness, Work-Life Benefits


Personal Insight: Bella loves to travel, read and escape through a binge-worthy TV show with a cozy blanket. When she isn’t chasing her sassy pets around, Bella enjoys spending time outdoors for creative inspiration and visiting local markets. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she’s a foodie who’ll take a double order of cheese on everything!

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