Celebrate National Employee Benefits Day on April 2, 2019

Life is full of the unexpected, but why is it that some people seem to bounce back from challenging situations more easily than others?

Resilience is the ability to adapt well to stress—both in your personal and professional life—and it involves a series of behaviors, thoughts and actions that can be developed over time.

Celebrate National Employee Benefits Day on April 2, 2019

This National Employee Benefits Day, learn how to build your resilience while encouraging your plan participants to do the same.

We have lots of resources to get you started, including:

We’ll also be hosting a free webcast on Benefits Day: Building Resilience: Practical Tools to Help Your Workplace ThriveRegister to attend and learn how to build resilience in your workforce and create a positive work culture that thrives on challenge and stress.

We hope you’ll use Employee Benefits Day not only to learn more about the benefits of building resilience—but also to give yourself a pat on the back for the important role you play in the lives of your plan participants.

Your dedication to providing quality benefits that improve the lives of your workforce is truly inspiring to all of us here at the International Foundation.

About National Employee Benefits Day

National Employee Benefits Day is celebrated each year on April 2. The day recognizes trustees, administrators, benefits practitioners and professional advisors for their dedication to providing quality benefits and the important role they play in their colleagues’ well-being.

Find resources for celebrating National Employee Benefits Day 2019 here and start planning now for how you’ll celebrate!

Brenda Hofmann
Communications Manager at the International Foundation

National Employee Benefits Day 2019

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