The New Future of Work

While a happy and productive remote workforce is still a priority for employers across North America, many organizations are shifting their focus and asking how to safely and legally transition employees back into the workplace after months of working from home.

It’s difficult to imagine what the future of work will look like in the coming months, but Dr. Tracy Brower, author, sociologist and principal at Steelcase, has an idea.

The New Future of Work

Dr. Brower believes there are four big questions organizations should be asking:

  1. How will the ways people work with others shift in the new normal?
  2. How will your company’s approaches shift in the future?
  3. How will you empower people to contribute in expanded ways?
  4. How will you need to shift the way you accommodate work and technology?

Dr. Brower will be sharing her insights on Thursday, June 4 as she kicks off the International Foundation COVID-19 Return to the Workplace Strategies virtual conference.

Sessions following Dr. Brower’s keynote address include:

  • Reopening Guidelines and Considerations
  • Communication With Stakeholders on Your Return-to-Worksites Plan 
  • Legal Issues in Returning to Work 
  • The Psychology of Returning to Work 
  • Live town hall meeting: Return-to-Work Challenges and Opportunities. 

Register now to find out more about how COVID-19 is shaping the future of work and to start developing your safe, legal and effective strategy for transitioning workers back into the workplace.

COVID-19 Return to Workplace Strategies Virtual Conference

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Anne Patterson
Communications Associate at the International Foundation

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