What Sparks Joy? Building Resilience in Your Workforce

What Sparks Joy? Building Resilience in Your Workforce

The theme of this month’s Talking Benefits podcast episode is building resilience, and finding things that spark joy, which is something that helps build resilience. Resilience is shaped by a person’s past experiences, and their social support network, among other things. Luckily for all of us, resilience is a skill that we can learn, practice and build on.

Joined by my fellow podcast hosts, Justin Held and Julie Stich, in this episode, we outline seven tips to help build resilience, talk about examples of things that spark joy for us (and a few of our colleagues), and bring it all together by discussing how employers can help build resilience within their organizations.

Listen to: Sparking Joy to Build Resilience

Preparing for this episode was a great reminder for me about how to overcome challenges and face the unknowns through resiliency. We hope this episode encourages employers to build resilience in their own organizations or to just be more aware of it!

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Anne Patterson
Communications and Social Marketing Strategist

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