Bring Your Parents to Work Day?

Have you heard? Bring In Your Parents Day is a thing now. That’s right . . . November 4 is Bring in Your Parents Day, where you take your parents to your workplace and show them just exactly what it is you do all day.

Bring Your Parents to Work Day?
I first received an e-mail about the day months ago from LinkedIn. Immediately upon receiving it, I forwarded it to my colleague: “Check this out …Did you know this existed??”

Turns out she did because her previous employer had hosted a Bring in Your Parents Day and both of hers had attended. What?? I had more questions.

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Her organization had invited parents in for the afternoon—They had some free time, then attended a monthly staff meeting led by the CEO. Parents were invited to ask questions during the meeting and “in a slightly embarrassing, yet slightly proud moment,” her dad had asked plenty.

And although this may feel like a millennials-only type of event, she said that while heavy on millennials, a wide range of ages participated. Those unable to bring their parents were able to bring in other family members, which allowed even greater participation.

While slightly awkward, she still thought it was a pretty positive experience. Her main takeaway: “It was nice to give my parents a glimpse into my life. If your parents don’t work in your field, it’s hard to articulate what you do all day. Having them at work was a great way to show them what I do.”

According to LinkedIn, Bring In Your Parents Day is a win for everybody

  1. Employees: For employees whose parents have supported them through their education and career, it’s a chance to let their parents feel a part of their achievement and say thank you for everything they have done.
  2. Parents: For parents it’s an opportunity to learn more about what your child does and to see “your greatest work, at work.”
  3. Organizations: For organizations, offering Bring in Your Parents Day is a chance to position yourself as a forward-thinking company that values its staff.

Employers have long offered Take Your Child to Work Day (offered by 17% of organizations according to the International Foundation’s Employee Benefits Survey 2016) so maybe offering the flip, Bring in Your Parents Day, is the next natural step.

My thoughts on the day remain mixed. (Although I do think my mom would take me out to lunch, which skews me toward liking the day a bit more.) What do you think?

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Brenda Hofmann
Senior Communications Associate at the International Foundation