Benefits on the Big Screen

As my favorite TV character, Moira Rose proclaims, it’s my favorite season of all: awards season! Here in Wisconsin, we are in the midst of a very long and grey winter, and all of us on the podcast team are finding an escape through the movies.

Recently we found ourselves talking about our favorite films, some of which were nominated for Oscars and some we wish were. Our conversation wandered into benefits, as it often does. So for this episode of Talking Benefits, we’ll explore the benefit ties (however tenuous they may be) to Downton Abbey, Little Women, Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story, Marriage Story, and my personal favorite, Hustlers.

Benefits on the Big Screen

You may be wondering what on earth these movies, especially the period films, have to do with benefits. Fear not! Our hosts will find the ties and dive into a plethora of your favorite benefit topics including:

  • Phased Retirement—Its pros, cons and contractual implications
  • Transportation Benefits—How a sometimes overlooked benefit can attract a workforce in a tight labor market
  • Interdepartmental Teams—Leadership options outside of a job hierarchy can be a powerful growth initiative.
  • Fraud Prevention—Dependent eligibility audits can be a life- (or plan) saver, as well as a tool for monitoring plan expenses.
  • Health Coverage—During a qualifying event like divorce, how do COBRA, ACA exchanges or other plans coordinate?
  • Qualified Medical Child Support Orders (QMCSOs)—How these work in coordination with the plan
  • Qualified Domestic Relation Orders (QDROs)—Their impact on DC and DB plans
  • Military Benefits—How the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) works and other ways organizations can help service members and their families.

Discover how this mystery unravels with Benefits on the Big Screen, the latest episode of Talking Benefits.

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Stacy Van Alstyne
Communications Director at the International Foundation

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The latest from Word on Benefits:

Stacy Van Alstyne, CEBS

Communications Director at the International Foundation  Favorite Foundation Service: Personalized research services. The information the specialists come up with is gold—so much better than Google searches. Benefits Related Topics That Get Her Attention: Given she works in PR, whatever is hot now. Retirement security—loves the chance to encourage people, especially those starting out, to save. Favorite Foundation Conference Moment: Experiencing the power of 6,000 members in one room during Annual Conference’s opening session; trying not to cry during Scott Hamilton’s talk in 2012. Felt better when she saw a Teamster next to her sniffling. Personal Insight: What does Stacy do to unwind from the stresses of life in the PR pressure cooker? She practices yoga. As a registered yoga teacher, Stacy shares her love of this practice by leading staff in weekly lunch-hour yoga sessions. Stacy is also our resident “foodie,” and her lunch leftovers are a delicacy to her office mates.

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