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About Stacy Van Alstyne, CEBS

Stacy Van Alstyne, CEBS

Communications Director at the International Foundation 

Favorite Foundation Service: Personalized research services. The information the specialists come up with is gold—so much better than Google searches.

Benefits Related Topics That Get Her Attention: Given she works in PR, whatever is hot now. Retirement security—loves the chance to encourage people, especially those starting out, to save.

Favorite Foundation Conference Moment: Experiencing the power of 6,000 members in one room during Annual Conference’s opening session; trying not to cry during Scott Hamilton’s talk in 2012. Felt better when she saw a Teamster next to her sniffling.

Personal Insight: What does Stacy do to unwind from the stresses of life in the PR pressure cooker? She practices yoga. As a registered yoga teacher, Stacy shares her love of this practice by leading staff in weekly lunch-hour yoga sessions. Stacy is also our resident “foodie,” and her lunch leftovers are a delicacy to her office mates.

COVID-19 Vaccines and Your Workforce—An Update

COVID-19 Vaccines and Your Workforce—An Update

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Pandemic Response: Organizations Move to Erode Health Care Barriers

Pandemic Response: Organizations Move to Erode Health Care Barriers

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