What's Your CEBS Story?
What's Your CEBS Story?
Desai CEBS
Monica Desai, CEBS
Senior Pension Specialist at Manion & Wilkins

Meet CEBS designation holder Monica Desai!

Learn more about Monica’s CEBS journey and how earning the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist® designation has shaped her career.

Monica on how pursuing the CEBS designation demonstrated that she’s a lifelong learner and an expert in employee benefits:

“The CEBS designation has encouraged and motivated me to attend ISCEBS symposiums, chapter meetings and online events that allow me to stay abreast of industry trends and where the field is heading in the future.”

How Monica studied for her CEBS exam and applied what she learned to her work:

“The CEBS exams were challenging—Being in the field of pensions helped me bridge the gap between theory and practical aspects of pensions and be better prepared. The format tests a candidate’s depth of knowledge, requiring a thorough preparation on the part of every candidate.

The preparation for CEBS helped me to be more organized and improved my time management skills and general reading skills.

Today, I am very proud of my CEBS designation, as it has set me apart in my workplace. I am a subject matter expert and a go-to person when any pensions or benefits questions arise as a direct result of my CEBS designation.”

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Monica on how expanding her professional network supported her in obtaining her designation and professional success:

“CEBS has helped me immensely with achieving one of my career goals of becoming an expert in the field of pensions and benefits. Chapter meetings and online classes help me keep up to date with all the new developments in the working of pensions. The designation has allowed me to stay current in the field and gain more confidence when dealing with intricate issues, and it has earned me respect from peers and superiors.”

Monica on how earning her CEBS designation has supported her role:

“Having a CEBS designation is an advantage, as more and more employers require it as a prerequisite for working in the field of pensions and benefits. I am sure the designation has helped me achieve success in my current role and will open doors to new and exciting opportunities in the future.”

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Christine Vazquez, CEBS, ISCEBSFellow
Manager, Professional Development, at the International Foundation

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