The Search Is On

There are about 50 Google searches per SECOND. Out of the billions of searches per day, what do you think the most popular searches in 2014 were? The top ten included: The World Cup, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Flappy Bird (the hit smartphone game), Disney’s Frozen and the Sochi Winter Olympics.

The International Foundation has its own “Google” for employee benefits topics called InfoQuick. It’s a nifty tool the Foundation has available for members—with answers all backed by expertise from Information Services staff. It’s pretty magical: Choose your topic(s) of interest from a list of more than 100 options, type in your e-mail address and boom! Search results on your requested topic roll into your e-mail inbox.

Now that you know what people searched for on Google last year, let’s kick it up a notch. What do you think the most popular InfoQuick searches were from U.S. and Canadian Foundation members?

6-9_the-search-is-on (1)

Here are the most common search paths for benefits topics in the United States:

1: Health Care: Costs & Health Care: Cost Sharing

2: Health Care: Wellness Programs & Health Care: Wellness Program Incentives

3: Compensation: Salary Survey Data & Compensation: Salary Increases

4: General Benefits: Family & Medical Leave Act

5: General Benefits: Records Retention Requirements

6: Health Care: Health Care Reform

In Canada:

1: Canada: Salary Increases

2: Canada: Benefits Costs

3: Canada: Benefits Limits and Contributions

4: Canada: Wellness Programs

As you can see, members in the U.S. are most interested in learning about cost sharing, the share of health care costs covered by insurance that employees pay out of their own pocket. In Canada, members wanted to know about salary increases.

Remember, if you’re a member of the International Foundation, you have access to InfoQuick. Don’t see your topic included in the InfoQuick list? Never fear; contact the Information Center directly and an information specialist will research your specific question: or (888) 334-3327, option 5.

Fun fact: Overall, the most common thing people search for on Google is indeed the word “Google.”

Ann Killian
Communications Associate at the International Foundation