By: Jennie Maurer​

Belonging to an educational association related to your role is a given for many, but does association membership really matter?  

We’ve been talking with our members to learn how their International Foundation membe​rship​ has helped them navigate through their careers.  We’ve found that our members rely on the Foundation for varying reasons, but each has found that membership provides a distinct advantage.


Take it from your peers as they share their experiences—We’ll feature a new member each month here on the Word in Benefits. ​

In 2012, Lisa Murphy Stocke obtained her membership with the International Foundation through her employer, Mills Benefit Group.

"I find it extremely valuable to know that I have a proven partnership with an organization that can assist me with any issue that comes up in my job." -Lisa Murphy Stocke, CEBS​​​​ ​​​
“I find it extremely valuable to know that I have a proven partnership with an organization that can assist me with any issue that comes up in my job.”
-Lisa Murphy Stocke, CEBS​​​​ ​​​

Having not been aware of the Foundation prior to joining Mills, Lisa now wonders “how I functioned professionally without it.”

Aside from membership benefits such as educational program discounts and access to the Information Cen​​ter​, Lisa said the most important thing she has gotten out of her membership is “community, community, community.”

So, why would Lisa recommend membership to the International Foundation?  “The International Foundation provides access to relevant and accurate information, resources and networking across the entire spectrum of employee benefit management,” said Lisa.

​The answer to the question, “does membership matter” is clear.  Yes. But joining is just the start. Your membership will work for you only if you take advantage of the services available. Get to know your b​enefits and dive in!​


Jennifer Cotter

Marketing Communications Specialist at the International Foundation

Favorite Foundation service/product:
Benefit Bits videos

Benefits related topic that interests her most: Retirement Savings

Favorite Foundation conference/event moment: Sitting in the focus groups at our 59th Annual Employee Benefits Conference—so much to learn from our members.

Personal Insight: Don’t let Jennie’s soft voice and shy smile sway you—she’s a tenacious go-getter that isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo.  Ready to see what the world has to offer, Jennie enjoys exploring new places (traveling) and old spaces (antiquing).


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  1. Bob J Henkel Sr

    I am a Sr Staffing professional for an in House recruiting team and we are thinking about starting a referral program for candidates and employees and we are very interested in how other companies that utilize this tool manage their program. Thanks in advance

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