Rule CEBS Exam Day

I had the day circled on my calendar for quite a while before it arrived. Midday is my time of choice and preferably a Monday so I’m fresh off a weekend of prep. CEBS® exam day has arrived.

Rule CEBS Exam Day

Now, I’ve taken several Certified Employee Benefit Specialist® (CEBS) exams, so I think I’m in a pretty good place to share some pointers. Your time is at a premium, so let’s jump right in.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

This is not the time to try to pull an all-nighter studying. Pace yourself in the weeks leading up to your exam day so that you’ve covered all the modules and have a good level of confidence going into the exam. Remember, it’s a two-hour timed exam, so you need to be bright-eyed and alert throughout that time frame!

Love What You Wear

Got a favorite pair of jeans and T-shirt? Pull them out, put them on and go for it. You want to feel good and be comfortable when you take your CEBS exam.

Get There Early

We all know that terrible feeling of rushing to get somewhere. Don’t do that to yourself on exam day. Arrive early, and spend a few minutes giving yourself a little pep talk before you head inside. After all, you know the material, and you are ruling the day.

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Travel Light

Double- and triple-check that you have your ID with you and that you are all set. No need to bring anything else—in fact, the less you carry in and need to put in a locker, the easier it will be.

Prepare to Check-In

When you first arrive, you’ll show your ID and be given a locker key to safely store anything you brought in with you. Next, you’ll move on to the check-in station where you’ll sign in, show your ID again, be wanded for security and asked to make sure your pockets are empty. The testing center staff member will provide you with pencils, scratch paper and a calculator. Finally, the staff member will walk you to your assigned testing station so you can get started. 

Be Good to Yourself

When you sit down at your testing station, take a few deep breaths. For the next two hours, focus on what you have learned, and believe in yourself. When you’ve completed your exam, be proud. Notice I didn’t say this was dependent on your pass or fail. Having been on both sides of that coin, trust me when I say that you have come so far, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Those around you know how hard you are working, and nothing really worth it comes easy, right?

You’re on your way, and you will get there—CEBS will be proudly displayed after your name. Create a journey earning the designation that works best for you. Just remember: It doesn’t have to be a sprint, it’s all worth it in the end, and you’ve got the support of thousands of grads and students all pulling for you each and every step of the way.

Rachel Oliver
Manager, CEBS Program Development at the International Foundation


Rachel Oliver

Manager, CEBS Program Development at the International Foundation

3 thoughts on “Rule CEBS Exam Day

  1. Samantha

    Great motivating article. I just passed GBA1’s exam on Friday, and all this is true! I just signed up for GBA2 and plan to prepare the same way and hopefully pass!

    1. Patrick Marshall

      Congrats Samantha. I too just passed my GBA1 earlier this month and just signed up for GBA2! We got this!

    2. Erika Turner

      Congratulations Samantha!

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