In today’s business environment, change is constant. Earning a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist® (CEBS®) designation can help benefits professionals improve their ability to manage organizational change. The self-study CEBS courses provide critical knowledge and skills to scan the environment and strategically tailor benefit offerings to motivate and engage today’s workforce while controlling costs. 

We recently surveyed holders of CEBS® designation. Hear from your peers in the benefits industry how earning the CEBS designation has helped them navigate uncertainty. 

“The CEBS designation has given me a better understanding of all of the moving parts in benefits plans and helps me advise clients on changes in the industry.”

David Ghirardini, CEBS
Senior Vice President, Alliant Employee Benefits

“My organization can depend on me to understand and keep abreast of legislative changes. My employer considers me an expert in my employee benefits role.”

Wanda Wallace, CEBS
Benefits Manager, G&J Pepsi Cola Bottling Inc.

“I have developed a strong foundation of knowledge to understand what may be impacted during uncertain times and to ask the right questions and pursue the right information to remain compliant and on track.”

Jennifer Bergman, CEBS
Global Benefits and Well-being Program Manager, Zendesk

“Earning my CEBS designation and staying CEBS Compliant keeps my company compliant. I know where to find resources for emerging issues.”

Marcella Kaminski, CEBS
Director Benefits Planning, Pilkington North America, Inc.

“The CEBS designation has made me aware of how individual bias impacts decision making and strategic planning. This has assisted me greatly and benefitted my organization.” 

Chris Camp, CEBS
Chair, Halifax Professional Firefighters Benefits Trust

“The CEBS designation has helped me understand the current legislation and how it is changing. It has given me a network of resources for learning more.”

Katrina Amoroso, CEBS
Benefits Manager, MRI Software

“The CEBS designation has helped me grasp some of the COVID-19 benefits-related legislation.”

Alexander Rohlfs, CEBS
Financial Analyst, Milliman, Inc.

“The broad curriculum of the CEBS designation sets a fabulous knowledge baseline. Having that strong foundation has assisted me in quickly applying context to the constant bombardment of emerging legislation.”

Jeffery Redford, CEBS
Manager, Service Delivery Management, ADP

“With the CEBS designation, I’ve been able to help my organization manage new challenges such as FMLA administration, pension termination and new health plan designs.”

Peggy West, CEBS
Principal Owner, Benefit Plan Diagnostics LLC

“With the addition of a Study Materials Update about the SECURE Act to the U.S. CEBS curriculum, it confirmed the fact that this retirement legislation is here to stay.”

Catherine Stone, CEBS
Manager of Employee Benefits, Southern Ohio Medical Center

“The past few years have been difficult for many HR professionals as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of legislation in relation to the pandemic. Benefits have been hit particularly hard, as many legislative changes directly affect benefit plans and give employers the opportunity to adopt changes. Being able to track, understand and consider these changes so we can adequately interpret their impact on compliance with our plans and how our plans operate has been invaluable.”

Caitlin Leidy, CEBS
Senior Benefits Specialist, Lehigh University

“I have a deeper understanding of the entire benefits landscape that allows for better strategic thinking.”

Paul Stoehr, CEBS
Partner, Ledbetter Parisi LLC

“My focus is on compliance. Using knowledge from the CEBS designation, I have assisted with keeping plans compliant and reported to government agencies. I handle all plan and DOL audits.”

Carol Day, CEBS
Director Benefits Compliance & Accounting, AECOM

“The CEBS designation has helped shape and fine-tune my critical thinking skills in the employee benefits area.”

Gerald Wernette, CEBS
Principal, Rehmann

“The knowledge I’ve gained from the CEBS designation gives me the confidence to move forward during this time of uncertainty and legislative changes to ensure that our benefit plans are not only fully comprehensive to our employees but remain compliant with quickly changing legislation.”

Patricia Florkowski, CEBS
Director of Benefits, Lehigh University

Are you ready to learn how to help your organization transform uncertainty into opportunity?  Learn more about the industry’s most respected credential—the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) designation.

Christine Vazquez, CEBS


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