November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada, and the government, under the leadership of financial literacy leader Jane Rooney, has been working to make more information and resources available to consumers and workplaces. Below are highlights of resources available to help engage your plan members throughout the month.


Since she took office in April 2014, Rooney’s office has launched the Canadian Financial Literacy Database. Rooney describes the database as a “one-stop shop for resources that consumers can tap into to find information, resources, tools, etc. that can help them increase their financial know-how.” So far the database includes hundreds of financial literacy events slated for November, and more are being added.

Canadians also can take a self-assessment quiz to see how their financial knowledge stacks up against others. The quiz asks questions about their spending and budgeting habits as well as financial concepts.

[Live Webcast, Thursday, November 5: Does Financial Education Belong at Work?]

To find more about the government’s financial literacy goals, check out the National Strategy for Financial Literacy—Count me in, Canada.

“Employers have an important role to play in financial literacy,” Rooney said. To promote greater financial literacy in the workplace, the office has been working with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) to promote and pilot a workplace financial literacy session on retirement planning.

[Live Webcast, Thursday, November 12: The Stress of Money: Dealing with Financial Wellness in the Workplace]

Employers across the country also can use the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) Your Financial Toolkit or other programs available on the database to organize a workplace financial literacy event, workshop or program that fits in their setting, Rooney said. “After all, financial literacy is a shared responsibility, and the workplace can be a very good place to facilitate such sessions,” she said.

The International Foundation has a collection of financial education resources for you, as well:

Financial Education for Today’s Workforce: 2014 Survey Results
Enhancing Employee Financial Literacy, Benefit Bits Video
Engaging Members in Financial Planning, Benefit Bits Video

Also check out our financial education resources webpage for news and analysis, research, survey results and more.

Do you plan to use Financial Literacy Month as an opportunity to engage and educate your members? Share you plans and ideas in the comments below!

Kathy Bergstrom, CEBS
Editor, Publications at the International Foundation



Kathy Bergstrom, CEBS

Editor, Publications at the International Foundation

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