Family-Friendly Employee Benefits

Each month on Talking Benefits, I join Julie Stich, Kelli Kolsrud and Justin Held, International Foundation benefits nerdthusiasts, to discuss a trending employee benefits topic we think our listeners want to know more about. This month’s episode fell right between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, so the team tackled the topic of family-friendly employee benefits.

Family-Friendly Employee Benefits

Family-friendly benefits (paid leave, fertility treatments, work/life balance, etc.) aren’t a new trend in benefits, but the variety of family-friendly benefit offerings is. In this competitive labor market, employers need to set themselves apart in order to attract and retain quality employees. Benefits are a big part of the package, and family-friendly benefits both appeal to and are critically important to everyone, especially younger employees.

If you’re interested in learning about the latest trends in family-friendly employee benefit offerings, celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Days by tuning into this episode!

In this episode, we referred to a few additional resources relating to family-friendly employee benefits including:

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