The latest Talking Benefits podcast episode is out and, this month, we talk fatherhood and work-life balance. My colleague Justin Held, Senior Research Analyst at the Foundation AND awesome father of two, had the opportunity to interview Dr. Brad Harrington, research professor and director of the Boston College Center for Work and Family.

His recent work focuses on paternity, particularly the balance (or conflict) between a father advancing their career and providing care for their children. Justin and Dr. Harrington discuss these research findings, taking a deeper dive into issues facing working fathers and how employers can provide support. Topics covered include:

  • Considerations for how caregiving should be divided between partners and what Dr. Harrington’s research has found on this topic
  • How the pandemic has impacted caregiving trends
  • Action steps/recommendations on how to reduce the conflict of career advancement and fatherhood from an employer perspective.

This is such an interesting, important and ever-evolving topic—Be sure to give this one a listen!

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Anne Patterson
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