Pat Bonner, Ph.D., CEBS

Associate Director, Content Support at the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

Favorite Foundation service/product: Articles and reports on how to promote financial literacy and retirement security in the workplace.

Favorite Foundation conference/event moment:  Any opportunity to meet and chat with members of the International Foundation and ISCEBS, hearing about their most pressing issues, how we are serving their needs, and ideas for future projects.

Benefits related topics she can’t get enough of:  financial literacy, retirement security, health care reform and benefits communication

Personal Insight: Pat brings a genuine curiosity and passion to her work as well as other parts of her life.  Her interest in personal finance is guided by a heart-felt concern for others, tempered by years of academic training. In her spare time, Pat enjoys learning about people in other places and times through travel and almost any media providing an historical perspective.

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Decumulation: Cracking the Retirement Nest Egg

Pat Bonner, Ph.D., CEBS

In the early years of the shift from defined benefit (DB) to defined contribution (DC) plans, most attention was directed at saving for retirement. Today, there is a growing realization that more consideration must be given to decumulation—account withdrawals after retirement. For […]