Employer Considerations to Support Menopause in the Workplace

Jenny Gartman, CEBS

Destigmatizing menopause has been a hot topic in 2023 and is a trend that will continue in the years ahead. Within recent years, it’s involved increasing awareness in the workplace about the menopause transition, the symptoms and the effects those symptoms can […]

Five Steps to Nurture Belonging in the Workplace

Guest Contributor

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Quiet Quitting: What to Know About the Latest Workplace Trend

Anne Patterson

What Is Quiet Quitting? It’s been hot in the headlines and dominating social media scrolls over the past few weeks—quiet quitting. A viral TikTok video popularized the concept in July, inspiring many workers to share their opinions and experiences. According to an […]

COVID-19: How Do We Navigate Work Through the Pandemic in 2021?

COVID-19: How Do We Navigate Work Through the Pandemic in 2021?

Anne Patterson

Welcome to our first Talking Benefits episode of 2021! My fellow “pod squad” members Justin Held, Julie Stich and I engaged in more COVID-19 chatter during the most recent podcast episode. In this discussion, we focused on four main areas. 1. Benefits […]