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Four Benefits That Increase Worker Productivity

Justin Held, CEBS

In a recent International Foundation wellness survey, respondents were asked about company culture issues that are impacting workforce productivity. Far and away, the most cited issue was worker stress. Another commonly cited issue was poor work-life balance. Responding organizations are recognizing the […]

Quiet Quitting: What to Know About the Latest Workplace Trend

Anne Patterson

What Is Quiet Quitting? It’s been hot in the headlines and dominating social media scrolls over the past few weeks—quiet quitting. A viral TikTok video popularized the concept in July, inspiring many workers to share their opinions and experiences. According to an […]

Five Challenges Paid Time Off Could Help Solve

Anne Newhouse

In 2022, employees expect their benefits to address flexibility as much as they expect health and retirement benefits. Many employers are starting to realize that flexibility will affect the future of their workforce, prompting them to consider incorporating remote and hybrid work […]

Employee Well-Being Tips for Times of Crisis and Beyond

Employee Well-Being Tips for Times of Crisis and Beyond

Robbie Hartman, CEBS

In a typical year, the top causes of stress affecting employee well-being are generally money, physical health, work and relationships. The COVID-19 pandemic, of course, is anything but typical, and it has exacerbated many of these issues and more, including mental health, […]