New Talking Benefits Episode: Apprenticeship 101

Registered apprenticeships have played an essential role in the development of a highly trained workforce. These structured training programs combine on-the-job training with extensive technical instruction in a highly skilled occupation and are always evolving. In this Talking Benefits podcast episode, we took a deeper dive into new trends in apprenticeship. Even if you don’t work with apprenticeship programs, there are some great lessons to be gleaned from their operation so we decided to put together an “Apprenticeship 101” episode to familiarize our listeners.

My fellow pod squad member, Justin Held, interviewed an expert on the topic of apprenticeship programs, Andy Staab. Andy is currently Counsel, Trust Legal Services at U.S. Bank. He has a long history of work with apprenticeship programs and has spoken for the Foundation on several topics in the apprenticeship world, including program administration, financial literacy, recruitment and retention, and more.

Tune in to hear Andy expand on the following topics:

  1. The definition of a jointly managed apprenticeship program and how it works 
  2. How jointly managed apprenticeship programs are governed in the United States
  3. The most common apprenticeable trades
  4. Topics addressed in programs beyond trades-specific instruction and on-the-job training
  5. Aspects or lessons of apprenticeship training that could be useful in the single employer setting
  6. The trends that have shaped apprenticeship programs over the past year and trends that might shape programs in the future

This episode also got into benchmarking data from Top Trends in Apprenticeship Programs 2022 Survey Report. Andy and Justin examined the successes and challenges faced by programs and apprentices, recruitment and retention initiatives, life skills initiatives, and the prevalence and impact of mental health and substance use disorder issues within programs as well as the support available to current apprentices.

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