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Director, Education and Outreach – Canada

Favorite Foundation Product: Conferences and blogs on what’s new and interesting in the industry

Benefits Related Topics That Interest Her Most: Benefits communications and how to engage plan participants

Personal Insight: The proud mother of two lovely and challenging girls, Alyssa enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures. In her spare time, she loves to read and write, but her most unusual hobby is participating in a competitive axe-throwing league (nothing more rewarding than hitting that bullseye!)

Tackling Canada’s Retirement Crisis: An Interview With Dr. Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald

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How Can We Get People Back? Return to Workplace Tips

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Returning to the Workplace? Don’t Lose Sight of Your People Leaders

Returning to the Workplace? Don’t Lose Sight of Your People Leaders

As I wrote in my blog on empathetic leadership, one positive emerging from the pandemic is that it has refocused attention on human needs—from health and wellness, to financial security…. Read more >