30 Minutes to CEBS CPE Compliance

By: Ann Godsell, CEBS

I’m one of those people who likes being acknowledged for my work. Gold star from my teacher as a kid, a “wow, great work” from my boss, a badge of achievement from my Fitbit . . . Naturally, I’m also excited about the CEBS®​ continuing professional education requirement (CPE)—a chance to give my hard-earned designation some extra clout. Yet, I must admit, I have put off recording my education credits. Realizing the December 31 deadline is getting closer with each passing day, I decided to buckle down and report my credit hours NOW. ​


The entire self-reporting process took me just 30 minutes. Here are some tips and a bit of encouragement to get your credits entered and join me in celebration of becoming a “compliant” CEBS grad.

First step—pulling together eligible educational activities from the past two years. I knew I attended plenty of sessions at conferences and webcasts with content that falls within the accepted bodies of knowledge, but I didn’t keep all the details in one place, so this was the most time-consuming part for me.

To jog my memory for the events I’ve attended, I logged into My Profile on the International Foundation’s website to retrieve my educational records. Here, I retrieved a listing of Foundation conferences, webcasts and e-learning courses I’ve attended. With this list of programs and dates on hand, I just needed to look back to my conference materials to count up the sessions I attended and note the topics covered​. 

For other education that is not included in My Profile, such as ACA University webcasts or ISCEBS chapter events, I did a quick search on my calendar for “webcast” and “chapter” and easily found the dates and topics I needed for several additional credit hours. ​(If you have any trouble tracking down your educational records, we’re here to help. Call (800) 449-2327, option 3, e-mail us​ or contact us via Facebook.)

Short on credit hours? Take advantage of the CPE E-Lear​ning Sale through November 5. ISCEBS members are invited to participate in the CPE Event for free session recordings from the recent Employee Benefits Symposium. 

Second step—entering the hoursWhy did I think this was going to be so hard? I was already logged into My Profile, so now all I needed to do was click on the “Manage Your CPE Credits” button. E-learning courses I have taken are already tracked here. For each conference I attended, I was able to enter the total number of sessions I attended and check the topics covered. For webcasts, I had a new entry for each, but it took just a few minutes to enter several webcasts. The only hang-up I experienced was my user error of entering the date incorrectly. My tip—Be sure to put in the four-digit year.

That was it! My record now stated that my requirement is fulfilled. This brought back warm fuzzy feelings of seeing the anxiously anticipated “You were successful” on the screen after CEBS exams. ​

​​cebs compliant 75.JPG

What I learned from this process? Enter as I go! Now that I have experienced how easy it is to enter my credits, I am motivated to enter my hours as I complete them. Come fall of 2016, I’ll be in good standing with my credits entered long before the deadline. 

Celebrate your accomplishment and encourage your CEBS peers by posting “I’m compliant!” on
the CEBS Facebook page or with a #CEBSCPECompliant Tweet​!

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